Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Stay At Home or Go Out For a Drink?

There is always the great debate of whether to go out or stay in for a night with friends. We all like to go out and meet up with different people and get drunk fall down and never remember how we got home (something my on did recently when he lost his passport. a week before his new life in Norway!), but how about a quieter night in, where you can enjoy a good night and you dont drink as much, meaning you enjoy the night more and you dont make as much of a tit of yourself!

Even the cost is alot cheaper, you can buy 4 pints of lager in a pub for £12 -£15, where as you can probably
buy the same amount in the supermarket for a fiver! A bottle of wine in the supermarket is anywhere between £5  for a normal run of the mill bottle and £10 for a more expensive bottle, where as in the pub, you could pay £3.00 for a normal cheap glass of wine! A pint of coke/pepsi at home is around 50p, but in a pub there is a massive mark up and you end up paying about £2.50 for a glass.

Then you have the cost of a cab home and maybe a drunken kebab or burger on the way home.

So why not think about having a nice night in, get your friends to come round with a bottle of what they drink, most people have alcohol at home, so it makes it an even cheaper night in. We always get alcohol in for xmas and we never drink it, so it lasts us all year, if not longer! You could even make home made chocolate vodka, found on a previous post of mine.

You get an alternative night out, if you have a night in, as you can hear what each other is saying as opposed to being in a rowdy pub, you can have a race night, a games night or something similar. it doesn't cost anything to have a games night, and the social networking photos look so much fun!

You do get the added bonus of meeting new people when you go out, but you could always get your friends to bring someone with them, that way you extend your network of new friends too :)

If you have any left overs from your night in, then use it up. If you have wine left over, then pop it into ice

cubes and freeze it, next time your making a casserole of bolognaise sauce, take an ice cube out the freezer and pop it into the meal, saves opening a new bottle and adds a special taste to your meal.

If you have any slices lemon or lime left over, pop it in the freezer and use it in a drink, adds the lime/lemon taste and acts like an ice cube too!

Even make your own Chocolate Vodka !

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