Thursday, 10 April 2014

Superdrug Shower Gels

In our household, part of our daily shower routine is using Superdrug Shower gel. We love the different smells and the way that they have put the different fragrances together, they work so well. They are fun, fresh and the smell lingers on your skin, making you feel awake and fresh for longer.

There are 7 'flavours' of the shower gel in the range
  • Strawberry and raspberry - this shower gel is uplifting with its fruity aroma and helps you feel clean fresh and energised for the day ahead
  • Orange and satsuma - This tangy aroma helps you feel clean fresh and energised. Its made with natural orange and satsuma extracts
  • Shea butter and bamboo - This is one of my personal favourites, the nourishing shea butter aroma helps you feel cleansed and comforted for the day ahead. its perfect for calming your senses
  • Mint and tea tree -  This shower gel will leave you feeling fresh, clean and energised for the day ahead with its minty, tingling aroma
  • Lime and Ginger - Another of our households favourites, when you use it you get a surge of zingy lime and ginger that leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and energised.
  • Lemon and Tea tree - This burst of zesty lemon and tea tree cleanses and invigorates. The citrus aroma will leave you feeling clean, fresh and energised
  • Cherry and almond - This is almost the cheeky one of the shower gels with a kiss of cheeky cherry and almond, leaving you feel cleansed, fresh and your skin is conditioned.
All of the shower gels carry the leaping bunny symbol as they are not tested on animals. Superdrug have a policy never to test on animals, making it a vegetarian and vegan friendly store. They are BUAV approved and Superdrug offer the 100% money back guarantee if your not satisfied with the product.

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