Saturday, 26 April 2014

Swimming pool noodle lightsabres

Making Lightsabres, is a simple but fun project that we did. For the cost of £3.00 we made 4 lightsabres, they are made of foam so they are safe for the kids to play with.

What you need

Swimming noodle
Duck tape
Sharpie pens

How to do it!

You take the swimming noodles and get the child to hold it, so you can see how long you want the lightsabre to be. Then take swimming noodle and place it on a flat surface to cut it with a sharp knife.

Next you pop some silver duct tape over the end of the lightsabre

Pop the duct tape on the length of the light sabre, working upwards. Cover about 6 inches like this


Next you will need your permanant markers to draw your design on the Duct tape. This will be the buttons to make it 'work'

Lastly get your best lightsabre sound going and fight like mad!

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