Saturday, 26 April 2014

T- 2 weeks till Norway

This time in 2 weeks i shall be on my way to Norway with Tilly. It seems like forever since i saw my boy
Zach! but in reality it hasnt even been a month yet and as he skypes a few times a week, then it makes us all feel closer to him. But i am getting excited at the prospect of taking Tilda on a plane, I am both excited and terrified at going to a country where i cant speak the language and i have to get a train to the town of tonsberg where we are staying. We have booked into a family friendly hostel  - and that wasnt cheap! i dont have any money saved up for it, so i am in serious need of putting some away. We do have the flights, hotel and travel paid for though.

In Norway, it turns out the shops are closed on a sunday. We get there at 3.30pm on the saturday afternoon, so it just leaves us the evening and then the shops are closed on a sunday ....... OH MAN! shopping is what i do the best, but i will just have to save it all up for the monday, before i fly home at 5.30pm. Plenty of time i think!

I have a tourist book, so i will be one of those dreaded people that walks round with a map in their hand, and stops in front of others to check the book. Jeez i hate them people.

We have actually found some really cool things to go and see, there is a museum with a wide viking content called Midgard Historisk senter, which i will find interesting even if Tilly doesn't understand.
There is also Vestfold county museum, that holds a Viking ship! i feel we may be going there too.

 I have always bought my children up to learn through travelling and the feel that the best way to learn about a place is to go there. None of Tillys friends will have been to Norway, so this is such an amazing opportunity for her. This has been recommended to us to as an outstanding place of beauty,  its called Castle Rock Tower and when you climb it, it overlooks the town
This photo of Castle Rock Tower is courtesy of TripAdvisor

One thing i am looking forward to is the clean fresh air, the scenery, the family friendly people they have out there and the adventure - i have always wanted to go to Scandinavia, but the thought of the expense out there has always put me off. Although we did visit Finland once for a day on a trip to Lapland. That was the coolest day out ever.

So we are now on the countdown to Norway, I am trying to teach Tills a little bit of norwegian, and she can say Takk, which means thankyou. Its only one word, but its one of the most important as manners are free. I also have one very excited little girl, who has never been on a plane before, she is going to see her brother for the first time in a month and is looking forward to going on holiday - all this equates to an over excited 4 year old!

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