Sunday, 13 April 2014

The New Chequers Kitchen

Today we were really lucky to be invited to a Pre-launch meal at the new Chequers Kitchen cooking school and restaurant. My everyday reader will have read in previous blogs how the cooking school helped me to gain my confidence with people again after my bout of severe PND.

Recently they had a major refurbishment and put in new amazing workstations. So today we took a slow walk to The Chequers for a spot of lunch.

 When i got there, the Pub was so fresh and new, it was open and bigger. The look of the Cooking School was both county cottage yet fashionable. The restaurant was bustling and busy when we arrived and we were quickly shown to a table. We took our seat and were given drinks menus to browse whilst we settled ourselves. After the drinks arrived we were given a food menu and there was plenty of choice of food. We ordered and watched as some lovely meals came from the kitchen - i just knew i was going to enjoy mine when it arrived.

Kimmy ordered a cheese ploughmans with pickles, apples, salad and bread, she is a vegetarian and loves cheese so this was a perfect for her.

I chose wild Garlic and pork sausages with mash and fried onions and gravy

Tilly also chose Sausage and mash, she loved it, and she even ate the gravy, she never eats gravy!

Children are more than welcome at the Chequers Kitchen. 

                                                                                                                                                             After polishing off our meal we were offered desserts, of course we were going to say yes ;) . which lady ever turns away chocolate  fudge brownie and vanilla ice cream? Well kim didn't, it is one of her favourite desserts.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tilly chose a vanilla ice cream in a cone, I however, chose a dessert i had never had before, so my choice was lemon posset and poached rhubarb. I actually thought i had died and gone to heaven, it was gorgeous! So much so, that after only a couple of mouthfuls, i lost my dessert to my 4 year old with eyes bigger than her belly

The Chequers Kitchen cookery school work space is also used by Pieter the chef, as it has a rotisserie and i don't know about anyone else, but i like to see my meal being cooked.  So it has a duel purpose, i love all the fresh food on the counter top too. With Pieter working outside the kitchen meant he could mingle with the customers of the restaurant, giving it an extremely friendly atmosphere.
                                                                                                                                                          The customer service was lovely, i would recommend this restaurant for either a small light bite or a full meal. On the menu you can also build up your meal, i could of had roasted vegetables added if i wished.

What did we think?

We absolutely enjoyed our experience today and we found it good value for money, I liked the very personal touch we received from Stephanie and Pieter as they interacted with the customers really well. The meals were lovely and we cleared our plates (or rather Tilly cleared my dessert). I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

And what did Tilda think?

'I like Pieter!' were her words!

The Chequers Restaurant can be found on the ancient highway between Sandwich and Deal, and they can be contacted Here or by phone 01304 362288. Details of the cookery school can be found here .

A few of the lessons they have coming up are as follows

                                                                                *The Chequers Kitchen cooking school helps families on low incomes by providing free or low cost lessons to demonstrate how to cook healthy meals for the family. These Keen2Cook classes rely on donations from The Lottery and members of the public, if you would like to know more please contact Stephanie at the Chequers.*

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