Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Which Make up brushes do i use?

Customers at work often ask me what make up brushes they need to apply their make up, I must admit that i was 40 years old before i knew properley what brushes to use, and i only found out because i did my beauty course at college. So here is a bit of advice on the different brushes you can get and how to use them

Round Eyeshadow brush

This makeup brush is a soft tapered brush, ideal for precise application of eyeshadow, this brush is ideal for creating intense colour on your eyelids and for when you shade along the crease to accentuate your eyes.

  • Swirl your brush in the eyeshadow 
  • Gently tap the handle so the excess eyeshadow falls away, 
  • Blend across the eyelid in long sweeping strokes to give you an even flawless finish
  • Apply a deeper shade to the crease of the eyelid to shape and define the eyes
Wide Eyeshadow brush

This brush is soft with smooth firm fibres and a slightly tapered edge, perfect for you to use when applying eyeshadow and for blending across the eye area

  • Swirl the brush in eyeshadow and tap the excess away
  • Apply it across the eyelid, using long sweeping strokes for a generous even coverage
  • You could also use it on colour thats already applied and blend it in with the brush
Slanted Eyeliner brush

This brush has a precision angel and it is has soft but firm fibres that ensure you get a controlled and smooth application of liquid or powder eyeliners. Its also perfect to use to emphasise your eyebrows, using an eyebrow kit.

  • For liquid eyeliner, place your brush as close to the lash as possible, starting from the inner corner of the eye and work outwards. 
  • Apply the eyeliner is short precise strokes.
  • For powder eyeliner, dampen the brush first and sweep along the lash line
  • This brush is also used to press powder into the brow, this adds definition and emphasises them.
Concealer Brush

This is a narrow flat brush with a precision tip that has soft synthetic fibres for a concentrated application of concealer. Its perfect for disguising inperfections, dark circles under your eyes (this is a god send if you have a four year old like mine) and minor discolouration

  • Apply the concealer to the tip of your brush
  • Blend a thin layer into the problem area using light. circular strokes. 
  • carry on dabbing and blending until your happy with the coverage
Slanted Blusher brush

This is a soft angled brush and is perfect for the controlled application of blusher, its perfect for sculpting and highlighting the cheeks for a really healthy glow

  • Sweep the brush lightly over the blusher and remove the excess by tapping it on the back of your hand.
  • Apply to the apple of your cheeks and blend it across the cheekbone towards the hairline.
  • Swirl the remaining blush over the forehead, nose and chin for a natural glow
Kabuki Brush

This Brush is a soft brush made of synthetic hair and used to apply blusher and bronzer for an even flawless coverage

  • Insert the brush into the powder pot to get a good coverage of powder on the brush
  • Tap of the excess powder to ensure you get an even coverage
  • If your using it as a base powder, then you need to apply it lightly using soft sweeping motions across the skin
  • If you have oily skin, concentrate on the T zone area of the forehead, nose and chin.
  • When using it to apply bronzer, highlighter or blusher, then you would apply it to the apples of the cheek and sweep upward and outward along the cheekbone
Powder Brush

This domed brush is ideal for dusting on a base powder or bronzer, it is similar to a kabuki brush except its much smaller. Its perfect brush for highlighting, contouring and all over application

  • Sweep the brush over the powder of your choice and tap the excess off 
  • Dust onto the face using circular movements
  • working from the centre of the face outwards, continue this untill you get the desired coverage
Brow/Lash brush

This brush is a simple yet effective part of your makeup brush kit. It keeps your eyebrows and lashes neatly groomed

  • Use the brush to shape the eyebrows
  • use the comb to define the lashes and separate them after mascara application
Lip Brush

The flat tapered shape allows for a smooth, even and flawless application

  • Sweep the brush over the lipstick colour, little at a time
  • Apply to your lips using the brush means you get a better coverage
  • you will get a more precision look of the lipstick and find it easier to stay in the lip line

  • NEVER buy makeup brushes from poundland or budget shops because although you may get a bargain at the time, you will pay in the long run with bristles that fall out, the bristles are of such bad quality that you will get an uneven coverage and the brushes are likely to snap in half - you will end up paying twice the amount
  • Clean your brushes in warm soapy water and leave them to air dry on a towel
  • When you buy brushes, look for longer bristles as these will give a more subtle look for your makeup but shorter bristles will give a heavier intense coverage
  • Try to always buy brushes with natural hair, they are more expensive but are easier for blending

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