Friday, 23 May 2014

14 Signs That Your The Mother Of A Frozen Fan

Admit it - your child is addicted to Frozen, your whole life now revolves around Frozen. Frozen has actually taken over your life now and for the foreseeable future, this is how its going to be, so embrace it and know your not the only mother with a child obsessed with Frozen. So while we are all secretly waiting for a new Disney movie to be made, lets look at the signs of being the mother of a frozen fan

1/ You get woken up EVERY morning with the phrase 'The sky's awake, so I am awake'

2/ You have trawled round most of the shops in the county looking for an Elsa dress, when your shopping with friends and you pop into Argos, just to check if the Elsa dresses are in stock. Then your friends laugh at the insane statement you have just made because we all know that the only place you can get an Elsa dress is on Amazon for about £100.

3/ Your daughter and her friend are always being called Elsa and Anna and have become 'sisters'

4/ You know the words to 'Let it Go' off by heart and you find the song popping into your head all the time, and you have actually enjoyed all the covers that are posted all over Facebook

5/ you find yourself quoting the film all the time, dropping the quotes into normal conversation and it has become common practice between you and your mummy friends

6/ You count the times that there is some reference to Frozen before the day is out!

7/ you realise that Frozen is the only Oscar winning movie that you have seen recently

8/ You were more excited about getting the Frozen Dvd than your child was because you feel like you know the movie back to front due to the repetitiveness of your child telling you about it

9/ Your Daughter simply has to have every item of Frozen clothing that they see in the shops

10/ You spend hours perfecting the Frozen hairstyle

11/ your daughter is still wearing her snowman christmas jumper in May, because its not just a snowman anymore - its Olaf! its actually normal to wear a snowman jumper in the sun

12/ You have to walk around town raising ice castles with your hands - knowing you look like an idiot but you do it out of love!

13/ You daughter wakes up at 11.20pm and decides there and then that you have to make her an elsa cape out of an old piece of net curtain

14/ You just know that this is going to be your challenge for the next birthday!

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