Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Postcard From Tonsberg

Dear readers,

So here we are in the beautiful City of Tonsberg in Norway, The place is so clean and the air is fresh.
I would like to say Tilly's first ever Plane ride went without a hitch, but as per normal, it didn't! 

I got told off coming through security, firstly as I went through holding Tilly's hand. I was told to leave her there and come through first. I know it was only a little distance I was separated from her, but she had never done this before and it scared her a little bit. So, of course, I let the alarm off! had to then be frisked and they put it down to the fact I had a wired bra on (later I found a £2 coin stuffed down my bra so it was more likely that lol) Then as we went to remove the bags from the conveyer I got told off as they needed to be opened. They removed some of Zach's tins of food as there are liquids in them - fair enough. Then the second bag had to be screened again as I had left the laptop in it! stupid me.

Anyway, that was over and done with and then we went to the duty free, and then boarded the plane. An experience that tilly was enjoying for the first half hour, but she quickly got bored :( The plane was half empty, which is a shame as more people should come to this beautiful country. When we got off the plane, we were greeted by a courtesy bus to take us to the airport train station. Now when you think about airport train stations, you kind of think of Gatwick, Heathrow etc but in Norway you get this .......

It truly looked like a real life toy train set! It was a simple platform and a wooden station house.

We took the train To Tonsberg, a 15-minute train ride away and checked into our youth hostel. When I say youth hostel, I don't mean a basic place, I mean it's like staying in a little place in the country. It's all shabby chic and it's beautiful. Well worth the £160 for two nights. 

After dropping our bags off, we hit the town, Tilly had an ice cream and we found the bus station where we went and got on the bus to husoy, where Zachary lives.

I think we can all say that she was pleased to see him :)
So let's see what tomorrow brings - I spied a Viking ship in the water in the harbour :)

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