Saturday, 31 May 2014

A Saturday in London :)

Walking to the South Bank, she has been so many times now, that she knows the way

Our first stop was to be The London Dungeons, i was very disappointed to find that premium Merlin Pass holders no longer get priority entrance and you have to queue with the Other ticket holders, so another Merlin Pass perk has disappeared! so we had to queue to get a time and then we had to queue again once we had our time slot. So much queuing, but after this little hiccup, we made our way around with our group untill Tilly needed the toilet, the staff are so great there, we told a gentleman and he took us to the back and called for a manager, who took us to the loo and then popped us back in place when we had finished so we could complete the tour, Tilly even got to go on the boat ride, in the pitch black for the first time. But she did tell the lady when she got off that she was very angry

 Not sure if she is smiling or pretending to be scared
Unfortunatly we were unable to take photos inside the Dungeons as those is the rules!, but Tilly loved it as usual and she was so made up that the people acting in the Guy Fawkes section asked her to carry an important letter to Guy fawkes. It was the first time she had been chosen for something like this.

After the Dungeons we went to the Aquarium, where unfortunatly your not allowed to take photos with the flash on, so some are quite dark. Some people did use flashes so it helped a bit, but then their flash reflection was left on my pictures :(

Touching a star fish 

After a quick icecream at Maccy D's we headed to The London Eye, where we managed to get on the orange pod (its kims favourite) Tilly loves this ride and although she see's the same things every time she goes on it, it still amazes her

then there was a walk along South Bank before getting the train home with one tired Tilly

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