Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A simple Rapunzel Hairstyle

Tilly is loving her hair being put up at the moment and she is getting bored with the same style ( you wouldnt believe she is four!) I normally braid her hair to hopefully keep nits away too, but she wants different styles. She loves Disney and at the moment she wants her hair like the Disney characters. So today we have Rapunzel for you.
I really think she should stop asking to watch youtube

  1. On the top of the head. part the hair and start to do a reverse french plait, otherwise known as a dutch plait.
  2. Pop  a band in the hair to hold the plait in place, i have used colour matching bands.
  3. Then braid the second side of the hair, excactly the same way.
  4. Then you should have two dutch plaits in the hair, at the bottom, remove the elastic bands and work the two plaits into one at the nape of the neck.
  5. Add flowers to decorate, we used the hair grips that we had made on this blog post.
Tillys hair is still so fine and baby like that unfortunatly it takes some keeping in, so we used a bit of hair spray. Also you will find (like i did) that the kids of this age dont sit still long enough for you to get a nice tight, straight plait. But this is what we came up with

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