Friday, 30 May 2014

Daughters ............. Interview With An Empty Nester

Recently 2 of my older children flew the nest, so it was nice of a friend who has experienced the same thing, to help me out with a blog post and share her feelings on the subject. Quite often the emphasis is on the child moving out and starting their own life, but the parents get forgotten. We have nurtured these children all their lives and suddenly the children (who have become grown ups) no longer need us and our guidance. You feel useless and discarded, yet you have to let them go and spread their wings - begin their own journey into life.

Q1. So your daughters have recently left home?
A1. Yes, both of them now live with their boyfriends.

Q2. How does it feel?
A2. Apart from the freedom, i feel desolation and abandoned.

Q3. Does your house feel empty?
Yes, but its always tidy! although there are less beauty products/shampoo in the bathroom

Q4. Any Positives?
A4. The washing machine isn't on 3 times a day, saving on electricity and gas and there are always towels in the airing cupboard. The floor isnt being used as a wardrobe and i dont have to be home at a certain time to sort them out. Not being used as a taxi service, there are no boyfriends hanging around. I dont have to shout because i am desparate for the loo and there is a queue!

Q5. Any negatives?
A5. I miss them like hell! There is no one to tell me that my bum looks big in that or notice when i have been to the hairdressers because the husband never does. It makes you feel old and i have to walk the dog
that they begged me to get (when they were 10 and 7) and faithfully promised to walk........ oh no, i did that beforehand anyway

Q6. How do you cope with the empty nest?
A6. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Q7. How is your relationship now with them?
Finding it difficult, they are finding their feet and i may be having trouble letting go. i recently got upset because i wanted to pop in for a cup of tea on my way home, i would only of been there 15 minutes but got a text back saying no as she was doing an assignment - before she moved out i was in demand to proof check her work. I guess i feel not needed anymore.

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