Thursday, 22 May 2014

Desperately seeking inspiration........

Writers block? They said! Then take yourself out of the situation and go somewhere different they said. So that is why I find myself sat on a sort of crossroads at 10am on my day off. I have perched myself down on the edge of the pavement waiting for inspiration. A car has come past and the driver shouted at me for having my feet on the road, doesn't he realise I am looking for inspiration ? Doesn't he know how hard it is to write sometimes?

Anyway here I am sat on the edge of the path and another driver just waved his hands up in the air at me and shook his head! OMG i am 41 and half years old, if i want to sit on the edge of the path, then i will! dont you know i am looking for inspiration?

Looking around i can see lots to write about, but Damn you Bipolar! i keep getting side tracked. A car just went past me and the occupant stared at me - What? do i have two heads or something? i am sitting on the path, not the middle of the road!

My mind wonders and i am starting to enjoy the peace and quiet. Have i lost my way a bit? am i so consumed up in work, family and writing the blog, that i have actually forgotten how to write a blog? have i forgotten the real meaning of the blog? ....... oh hang on a moment! there is another car, i just dont look up from my smartphone now, i just wave at the person driving. Havent they seen someone looking for inspiration before?

All great writers have had writers block and i know some bloggers struggle for inspiration too. Writers find it easier to take themself out of a stress full situation like home and find somewhere to write. JK Rowling wrote most of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, in cafe's in Edinburgh.  Look how popular that book became.

Well would you look at that ...... i doubted the whole idea of taking myself out of the situation and here i have written a blog post. Probably the ramblings of an over tired mummy, but it worked and we have a blog post for today. And the best thing is i found inspiration for further posts too. So next time you get writers block, give it a go :)

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