Friday, 23 May 2014

Face masks - the benefits

Facial masks provide deep nourishment to the skin, so why do so many people neglect this pampering product? Because it takes time, lets face it most masks need to stay on the skin for about 15 minutes. most of us dont need ways to add time to our skin-care routine but with a little bit of reading up on the benefits of face masks then i am sure you will see that its worth the extra time.

  • They are very relaxing, even though it may take 15 minutes - that is 15 precious minutes you have to yourself, 15 minutes to relax and do nothing.
  • Using a cream-based face mask allows you to control exactly where you apply the treatment and how much of it you want to use. Maybe you want to spot treat some acne or apply a deep cleansing mask to just your nose. Apply a rehydrating mask to dry skin, and a 
  • They are so easy to use, you have a bare skin, a few minutes and just apply it. Wait the time and rinse off, they are as easy as that. and you will feel the benefit from something so simple, so quickly
  • They are cheap to buy. you can buy them by the sachet and they come in allsorts of flavouring. But if your on an even tighter budget, you can make your own out of store cupboard ingredients.
  • Some face masks will draw out impurities from your skin
  • Some face masks contain anti-oxidants which help with the age defying process, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles

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