Saturday, 3 May 2014

Frozen Coronation Hair style

If your daughters are anything like Tilda, then they will more than likely be mad for Frozen! The other day we had tears before school as Tilly wanted a frozen hair style, i did a plait and it lead to more tears! she got annoyed and frustrated that she couldnt explain what he wanted, so i ended up googling images. I watched a great video and then felt confident enough to try the coronation hair style myself.

So here it is step by step

 1/ tie ribbon to a hair grip/bobby pin and put to one side

2/ After i brushed tillys hair, we sectioned it at the top so it is a side parting and then separate it down one side of the hair to behind the ear. Tie the back of the hair and the other side in a hair band or clip it out of the way

3/ Take a small section at the top of the hair and split it into two bundles (like you would a plait, but you only have 2 lots of hair, not 3) and twist one piece over the other. Then pick up some hair from the side and add it to one of the hair bundles. Twist the hair over the other piece of hair and pick up another piece from the side and add it to the bundle. This is creating the twist braid. You only add hair from one side. This is the effect you should get. Tie it at the bottom.

4/ Then you can add the ribbon into the bottom of this twist, before taking the rest of the hair and brushing it so its nice and flat. Take it up into your hands and brush it to the side as if it was a ponytail and add the twist part of the hair into it. then keeping it tight, twist the whole hair round and it will automatically go into a bun. Remember to keep twisting the ribbon into it and remember it needs to be to the side of the head.

add some hair grips to keep it in place. and secure

this took about 5 minutes to do, but tillys hair is  fine and flyaway baby hair still, that it didnt smooth down like it should, but if you did this on an older child, i think it would go in perfectly. But next time she has a little hissy fit, before school  and wants the elsa hair style, i know what to do! 

Here is the video i used from youtube, it may be easier to help you achieve the look your looking for :)

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