Thursday, 29 May 2014

GOSH Forever Eyeshadow

Recently i bought some of these amazing eyeshadow pencils from Superdrug, and i dont mind actually admitting that they are fab!

Forever Eye Shadow is a creamy, soft eye shadow stick. It has a non-tacky and extremely smooth texture to it that allows for optimal playtime and blend-ability before setting on the eye lid with an even finish. The 8 beautiful colours deliver maximum, pure colour that Lasts for hours. They have a metallic effect, with a touch of glitter and are not only an eyeshadow but also can be used as an eyeliner.

Its so easy to use and you dont need a brush - you just sweep the pen over the eyelid and it is long lasting (you will need an eye make up remover to remove it). Once the colour was applied it laid flat and didnt crease, like you would expect this to be. 

You dont need to sharpen this as it is a twist pen, so no mess when it gets blunt - just twist. and there are 8 colours in the collection to choose from.

To get this effect, I used the pen as an eyeliner and took it from corner to corner, then swept the pen over the eyelid to the crease. As you can see the effect isnt too much :)

Take it further up to the eye brow and out over the edge of the eye for a quick and easy party look

A simple sweep across the lash line on the eye lid gives you a top liner effect

This is such a handy piece of make up as you dont need to take a separate eyeliner and eyeshadow, it is only available at Superdrug for £5.99 but worth every penny

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