Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How many different transports in a weekend?

Because i dont drive, we have to rely on public transport all the time. normally this is fine and i am used to it, but travelling to Norway meant we had to go on 3 trains and a tube before we even got to the airport! here are the transport from the weekend!

 Train number 1, waving to kimmy as we leave the station

Train number 2 - high speed from ashford - St P.

Train number 3 - our lovely London underground

Train number 4 - Stansted express

Shuttle bus to the hotel

I am exhausted already and its only the first day!

Day 2

Aeroplane :)

Norwegian high Speed train

Tonsberg City bus

Day 3

There was no transport, as everything closes down on a sunday in norway :/

Day 4

 The plane home

The transit thingymajiggy at stansted

And we finished our weekend in a taxi!

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