Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Introducing Consuela.......

Whilst i was at work yesterday i left my laptop unattended, only to walk back in the room to find my name on facebook had been change to CONSUELA!! I did indeed have a chuckle about this, until i went to change it back and it said i had to wait 60 days before i can change my name.

So here i am for the next 60 days (well 59 now..... but who is counting?) with the name of consuela. I do however think it is the best frape ever, and i need to find a way to get this person back (any ideas much appreciated)

So here i am embracing my new name, i even have a name badge at work with my new name.

I just have to remember that i mustnt wear my name badge whilst trying to pay for my shopping with my debit card in a different name - that could pose problems! And with a name like Consuela, i am opening up myself to rude jokes about 'Brazilians' but on the other hand, i finally have an exotic name for the next 2 months to enjoy and laugh about. But its also hard to be taken seriously with a name like Consuela Perfume-bottle...... hehe, how many people will remove me as a friend because they see consuela on their friend list and think i am some kind of spammer? so i am trying not to comment on peoples posts yet untill they all get used to my new name and realise its me.

I am told my name comes from the maid in Family guy - compliment or not?

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