Friday, 2 May 2014

Making a simple picture

Since tilly went to Paris, she has been full of the Eiffel Tower, so much so that she carries an ornament around with her sometimes and she talks about it al the time. On a recent trip to a shop in Folkestone, i came across some Eiffel Tower wall paper and had a fab idea

What you need

Wallpaper of your choice
A picture frame

How to make it - its so simple

cut the paper to the size of the frame, do this by using the scrap paper in the frame as a template

Next you just pop the picture into the frame and display it on the wall. Tilly now has her own picture of the Eiffel Tower and it cost us 99p

 A quick and easy 5 minute craft that you can do, try different wallpapers or even collage some photos to make a big picture like this

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