Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Orange Customer Care - Or Lack Of .........

I have been an orange customer for many many years now and recently i have come to realise the customer is never right, when it comes to approaching the customer service team.

Over two years ago Kim took an Orange contract out on an Iphone, this was a 24 month contract and was £50 a month with the insurance. She was happy to pay it and looked after her phone so never needed to make a claim on the insurance until the end of her contract when the sound started to go and the back of the hand set smashed. She phoned Orange up and was transferred to the insurance team who told her a new phone would arrive the next morning between 9-1pm. She waited in and no phone materialised, so she left it two days incase there had been a problem and it was held up. We phoned on the third day to be told that no order had been put in and that her account would be credited £10 as  a good will gesture and they would sort it out and ring back.

In the mean time she cancelled the contract as she couldn't afford the repayments anymore, and we waited to be called back - infact we waited two weeks before we called Orange back. We spoke to another member of the customer service team who told us that there was a problem, he wasnt sure what but would call us back. Guess what? we never got a call back! so we chased it up again and we were told that as the phone had been bought in Carphone Warehouse, they should have offered Kim an alternative insurance and the insurance through Orange was null and void. So basically she had been paying for Orange care for over 2 years and it was useless. They did however say that they would honour it and would get in touch in a few days when it was sorted........ so we waited....... and waited...... and waited!

In the mean time we had the team at Orange phoning quite a few times asking why kim had left and did she want another contract blah blah blah! i said no as we needed this insurance business sorted out first. We were put in touch with the insurance team again and i pointed out that if kim had been paying for insurance for over 24 months for an insurance policy that was useless, then she should be entitled to a full refund from Orange of nearly £250. They said they would get back to us (like we had never heard that before!)

Orange phoned up again and offered us a deal for a 12 month contract, and i said no as i was still waiting for the Iphone to be repaired! low and behold they told us that they were delivering a new one in the morning! so i agreed to the new contract as they said that they would also waive the £50 charge for the new Iphone. The account would be charged £50 and then credited £50 on her next bill.

So the new Iphone actually turned up - not in the time it was supposed to, but it turned up anyway :) Kims contract finished over the next few days and her new one was due to start straight away. Only 3 days later her new contract hadnt kicked in! so she had a brand spanking new Iphone, but no contract. It took another call to Orange who told me that the order hadnt been put through and i had to do it all again! i wasnt impressed and i really should of walked away from Orange at that point because, believe it or not we got a bill and the Iphone excess charge was on there, but no credit to her account. ....... so guess what i did next? yes i phoned Orange, who then emailed another dept and they would get back to me! and yes thats right they didnt! so that is why today i phoned them up again for them to tell me there was no notes on the file of a £50 credit to the account and it was my word against his. This actually infuriated me and i did get angry on the phone as i was mis sold a new contract on the understanding that the £50 Iphone excess would be credited to the account.

I am absolutely shocked that in this day and age, when so many companies are fighting for competition to be the best mobile phone supplier in the country, that this would happen and someone would treat a 22 year old girl like this! luckily the phone was in my name and i could deal with the situation and push for something to be done. after todays call we recieved a text message to say that there was a £25 credit being applied to the bill in june. But it is too little too late and i find Orange has gone way down in my opinions and if this has happened to me, then who else is it happening to?

Has it happened to you?

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