Monday, 26 May 2014

Recycling Clothes - Making a Frozen Dress

On  a recent trip to a charity shop i was amazed to find an old fashioned evening/bridesmaid dress among some dressing up clothes and as soon as i saw it i knew that it could be transformed into a Frozen dress. I had a Frozen dress for Tilly at christmas but within 3 months it had to be returned to Argos as it had come apart at a seam. Since then i have been trying to get another frozen dress and i cant get one anywhere. So here are some pictures of the dress as it was transformed from a £1.99 dress and £4 for embellishments to a priceless one off outfit. All thanks to my friend for making it

One old Dress

Cut a panel out of the skirt part

Get rid of the frill around the top and the straps that were far too big, then using ribbon from the dress create new straps

Cut a panel out of the front of the top so there was no lace left and the fabric was nice and shiny, Add embellishments

Add the embellishment to the bottom of the dress

Finally i bought some snowflake confetti shapes in a pearl colour and these were added to give it an ice look

The back of the dress, with the long cape effect like elsa

This was transformed by a very good friend of mine, and what a transformation it was! I have thanked her, but would love to thank her publicly on here so she knows i really appreciate what she has done :)

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