Monday, 19 May 2014

The Juggling Act

Now that Kimmy is working too, I am finding it a right old juggling act, trying to make sure that either one of us is around to do the school run.

I am lucky that i only work part time, but the travelling to and from work adds another 2 and half hours a day to my working hours and quite often i don't get home until 7pm. Kimmy works early mornings and evenings, so it has really become harder to be a working mum. I dont like to ask others to help out, as i like to think i am independant and we can manage between us. I am lucky that tillys nursery has an after school club that finishes at 6pm, and a breakfast club that means they open at 7am. This is fab for mums that have to go to work, but its an extremely long day for the little ones that have to cope with the long days.

Kim and I both take thursdays off work (provided we dont have to do over time, so that will be nice for us to have a day together, will be even better when Tilly is at big school full time and we can have a bit of quality time together ;)

So here i am on a monday morning, ready to go to work, kimmy is doing the drop off and i am doing the pick up - we have a diary to keep it all written down, otherwise it wouldnt be long before we both forgot what the plan is! I have never been this organised before when it comes to balancing life. I have always been so organised when the other kids were little. Not now though!

these days i am lucky if i manage to brush my hair before i leave the house, i never go to the local supermarket and i end up doing the supermarket shop in the town i work in and i end up having to drag it home on two buses. I am actually an organised mess!

But i am sure it will get easier as it goes on, i am looking for a childminder to help out to but i dont know if one will come up - i can only hope!

have a good day readers, and i hope your week is more organised than mine ;)

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