Saturday, 10 May 2014

The norway adventure starts today

Today is the start of our Norway trip, I couldnt sleep last night as i am full of excitement, worry, anxiety and all the other feelings you could think of.

It will be lovely to see my Boy again after 6 weeks of him working in Norway and i know him and tilly have missed each other. I also feel anxious that its the first time i have taken tilly on a plane, what if things go wrong? Am i purposely endangering my child by taking her on a plane? this thing that is so large on the ground, yet is so little in the big wide sky!

I packed tillys trunki yesterday, only to find it is 1/2 centimeter too big for the carry on baggage and if we get to the airport to find out that the trunki is rejected, then Tilly will be so upset. So i repacked it in a back pack.  We have all of the bits zach asked us to bring out, even some jeans! tilly bought him a tin of scooby doo pasta, as she said he likes scooby doo! Bless her little heart.

So after a shift at work, i am making my way on a 3 hour train journey to Stansted, where we are booked into a Premier Inn. So we will not have to worry about over sleeping and have to do the travel on the morning of the flight. So my next blog post will be from stansted airport :)

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