Monday, 26 May 2014

TMI - 50 questions and answers

Thankyou to Rachel over at for tagging me in the TMI (meme) post, so here are my  honest answers

1- What are you wearing?
Blue trousers and a silver top

2- Have you ever been in love?
Yep, and it hurts so i find it easier to avoid these days

3- Have you ever had a terrible break up?
Yes, a few times

4- How tall are you?
5 ft

5- How much do you weigh?
too much

6- Any tattoos?

7- Any piercings?
only my ears

8- OTP
Banana Sambucca and Lemonade

9- Favorite show?
Ncis, Grimm.

10- Favourite bands?
any 80s music

11- Something you miss?
My boy zach, who is working in Norway

12- Favorite song?
Let it go - Frozen

13- How old are you?

14- Zodiac sign?

15- Quality you look for in a partner?

16- Favourite quote?
'Oh Man!'

17- Favourite actor?
There are so many!

18- Favourite colour?

19- Loud music or soft?
Loud music for the housework and partying, soft music to chill with

20- Where do you go when you are sad?
i hide under my duvet in bed

21- How long does it take you to shower?
20 mins

22- How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
half an hour

23- Ever been in a physical fight?
not that i remember

24- Turn on?
That would be telling!

25- Turn off?
facial hair and arrogant men

26- The reason I started blogging?
As i had PND for so long, i dont have many memories of my little girls early years so i started to blog as an online diary and to share my thoughts and feelings

27- Fears?
Flying, long grass and being alone in the future

28- The last thing that made you cry?
When i visited Norway to see my son, i cried when i left

29- The last time you said you loved someone?
My daughter about half an hour ago.

30- Meaning of your blog name?
'being tillys mummy' is as it reads, my blog is about being tillys mum

31- Last book you read?
To sleep ....... Perchance to die by Donald R Grippo

32- The book you are currently reading?
The three by Sarah Lotz - for a review

33- The last show you watched?
Princess sofia

34- Last person you talked to?
Gee buttigieg

35- The relationship between the last person you text?
Friends with benefits ;)

36- Favourite food?

37- Place you want to visit?

38- The last place you were?
In my friends garden having a BBQ

39- Do you have a crush?
yes, but i cant say who it is

40- Last time you kissed someone?
This afternoon, it was a 'kiss better' fter Tilly hurt herself

41- Last time you was insulted?
Earlier this afternoon by a friend, but it was meant in a joke and we found it funny

42- Favourite flavour of sweet?

43- What instrument do you play?

44- Favourite piece of jewelry?
My Tiffany pearl necklace

45- Last sport you played?
i cant remember

46- Last song you sang?
Let it go - Frozen

47- Favourite chat up line?
I will wake you up in time for work

48- Have you ever used it?
Shamefully - a few times

49- Last time you hung out with somebody?
This bank holiday Weekend

50- Who should answer these next questions?
Stacey over at , Rachel over at 

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