Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Vestfold County Museum

Whilst in Norway, we visited a museum called Vestfold County museum. We were lucky that there was a new section of the museum opening and today the museum was free entry. The museum was right next door to the youth hostel we stayed in too, so it was so easy to get to.

We climber the biggest hill ever to see some castle remains and Castle Rock Tower, its said to be 'The Place to Visit in Tonsberg', we had to climb hills and steps to get to it, but the view over the Tonsberg Fjord is breathtaking. Zach and Tilly climbed the tower, but i stayed downstairs to have 5 minutes to myself. he he.

 An old building on the way up to the tower

We saw some old viking weapons in the museum, I found this very interesting as they are so many hundreds of years old, but still look so go and well made.

As usual, Tillys favourite part is the clothes, she now wants a norwegian dress up outfit.

They are in the process of working on an original viking ship, although it doesnt look much, it is the Klastad Viking Ship and is only one to be displayed in the county of vestfold. Tilly was most disappointed as she wanted to see a real viking!


There is also a huge whaling section of the museum, there is displayed loads of whale skeletons, these scared Tilly a little bit and it kind of reminded me of the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in London.

I would recommend this museum on a visit to Tonsberg, it is 60Kr (£6) to get in and kids are cheaper, a good way to kill a few hours :)

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