Saturday, 17 May 2014

What a busy week!

Oh Man it has been such a busy week in the life of Tillys mummy! Firstly we were in Norway visiting my son last weekend and we flew home on monday. You can find posts A postcard from Tonsberg and Tonsberg youth hostel in the links, we had a great time and it was nice to see where zach is living. We got home at 11pm and then on tuesday the working week started! Tilda was straight back to school and i was straight to work, ideally i should of booked another day off, but i didnt think i would need it. Wednesday i nipped to London to a press release with Sheridan UK and received a lovely goodie bag from them,  then home to spend the evening with a takeaway for Kimmys birthday - my eldest daughter is now 22. i feel so old! Thursday and friday I was at work and finally by friday evening i finally got home at 7.30 and i could actually relax for the weekend! So today it was Tilly and mummy day and we took the bus to Sandwich and fed some ducks, played in the park and had a picnic whilst watching a game of cricket - it was a beautiful day for it


  1. lovely pictures, glad you had good weather to enjoy your day out :)

  2. Wow so jealous you went to Norway! Yeah extra days off after holidays are always a good idea ;D


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