Wednesday, 7 May 2014

You know your a Stay at home mum when......

You know your a stay at home mum when

  • You get dressed in something smart and the kids ask where your going today
  • You use baby wipes to clean your house as well as your baby!
  • You know all the episodes of Jeremy Kyle
  • Your Tv is on all day, stuck on the Disney channel, but someone mentions the news and you have no idea whats going on.
  • getting out of your pyjamas means that you have a visitor coming, putting on a bra means its an important person
  • Facebook is the social highlight of your day - its where you 'meet up' with your friends!
  • Its only 10am, and you have considered a tipple from the Vodka bottle
  • You have a cup of tea that you made at 8am and it still hasn't been drunk by lunchtime, even though you warmed it up in the microwave 20 times
  • The school come to you to make the cakes for a cake sale as they think you have nothing better to do!
  • You try and hide in the toilet to get a few minutes of 'me' time. i say try, but in reality you have to barricade the door
  • A night out is walking the aisles of the 24 hour Tesco
  • Your partner comes home and asks what you have done all day, you cant even muster the energy to tell him as you have been doing non stop 'mummy stuff'
  • Finding time for a shower is an accomplishment
  • Your whole daily mood depends on that of your stroppy child and whether they had enough of a nap
  • You need adult conversation, so you are glad of the PPI man, phoning up
  • You never know what the weather is outside as you haven't been out for days
  • You meals consist of picking from the kids leftovers
  • You find yourself googling things on the internet through boredom, you even google yourself
  • you discover a craft you can do 
  • you leave the house to do the school run, with kids paint on your top
  • Your days are merging and you have to ask your friends what day it is
  • You update your Facebook/Twitter 30 times a day
  • You realise you have once again spent too much on Ebay, whilst just popping on to have a cheeky look whilst your child naps

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