Monday, 30 June 2014

A Weekend Off

Recently its been quite busy being Tillys Mummy, i have been doing a bit of overtime at work and trying to balance the childcare with kimmy and a friend, then at weekends, we have been busy doing blog assignments in London, so it feels like i haven't actually stopped for a whole month.

So this weekend I decided we would take some time out and go and visit our family in Hampshire. Normally when i go down there, i am so quick and i am there and back before i know it, but this time i actually sat back and enjoyed the visit. We arrived there after we did the blog event for Rug Doctor and i had to go searching the shops for a mother gothel doll (can you even get one?) then Tilly soon changed her mind when she was browsing the Argos catalogue and she saw a Palace Pet instead. So then we headed off to the restaurant to meet some family for dinner. Fish and chip buffet night - cheap, cheerful and perfect for a family. I never buy a meal for Tilly when we eat out at places like that as she is always too busy to eat! she just wants to run around and play in the garden. So i usually get a spare plate and give her some of mine, Most restaurants like this are understanding.

The next morning we woke up and it was such a lovely feeling not having to rush off and do something, instead we got up leisurely and went to the cinema. Tilly loves the cinema, but there isn't one near us and she never really gets to go. So with my cousin and her son, we popped to morrisons and got loads of goodies before taking our seat in Cineworld and watching ‘Muppets Most Wanted’. We followed this with lunch, at my aunts house before having to rush home because this mummy was having the night off too!

We got home at 6.30pm and within 90 mins I was ready and on my way out the door, even the taxi driver made a comment about me not going out since ……. FOREVER! We had a brilliant night out, we went to a country club that only opens for one night a month and its over 30s, so makes for a good night out.

After rolling in at 2.30am on the sunday morning, Tilly and I had a pyjama day for the day. We watched ‘Frozen’ AGAIN and ate junk food! whilst mummy caught up on writing the blog.

So although it was lovely not have to take photo’s for a blog, make sure Tilly behaves herself in certain places and to basically not think about the blog for a couple of days, here i am now blogging about my weekend off! Aha, the blog always seems to win at the moment. :)

Now its Monday morning again and time to catch up with emails before i start my real paid job on the fragrance counter. See you all later …….. xx    

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