Friday, 6 June 2014

A-Z of Family Life - A is for Adventure

Thanks to Confessions of a SAHM I am joining in the A-Z of Family Life. Her post was about Anxiety, and going back to work, leaving her children.

I have chosen ADVENTURE, this is because as  a family we love an adventure. We can always be found around and about doing something different and i must admit we are a bit of a thrill seeking family. In fact on my day off, Tilly always asks what adventure we are having :)

I think the adventure thing goes back to when I was a kid and I lived abroad with my family, we would always find somewhere different to go at the weekends and we would explore the european countries around Germany (where we lived)

Because of the great start I had in life, I like to think my kids have adventures and travel alot too. When the older ones were little we had many an adventure, we went to Jamaica, New york, Lapland and back packing around Europe and Ireland. But then there was always the £9.50 Sun holiday adventure too. Back then it was so cheap to travel on the train to Edinburgh, so we would adventure up there for a couple of nights too.

These days, having a 4 year old again, adventure could mean a walk in the country or a train trip to Margate. I love the innocence of the little ones. But as Tilly gets older she wants more and more adventure, she went on her first grown up rollercoaster at Legoland last week, my little girl has definitely inherited my sense of adventure, After all how many other 4 year olds ask to go to the London Dungeons or The London Bridge Experience on a weekend?

In April my son who is 20, decided he wanted to work in Norway at a golf course (he is a greenkeeper) and I knew this was the start of him branching out and starting his own adventures! I am so pleased he has the chance to live abroad and it gave us the chance to go out there and tilly got to take her own first trip on a plane.

But back to us, this weekend we have a mammoth adventure coming up as Travelodge have asked to work with us and they are asking us to stay in a London Hotel and blog about it, but I have also managed to secure some excursions out too, some with competitions so you can all have your own little adventure this summer :)

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  1. I love how adventures for kids can mean absolutely anything - from a trip to the park to a big adventure abroad! What a lovely post and thank you for linking up to A to Z of Family! Hope to see you next week xxx


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