Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Epic Fail ......

Yesterday was an epic fail for me in the life of Being Tillys Mummy! i left work at the normal time, and went to get my bus to Dover, only for there to be no bus driver seen anywhere! i waited untill after the bus was due to go, but still no driver! So off i went to find a member of staff at the bus station who told me that i had to go to see someone else and ask them (in other words - passing the buck)

Eventually the driver turned up and everyone piled on the bus, the driver wasnt in a hurry, and this kind of annoyed me a bit too. I had told him i had a connection to make in Dover in order to get home to collect my little girl from school. So the bus ride to Dover was painfully slow and on the way i thought i would phone Stagecoach to ask them if they would hold the bus for a couple of minutes and wait for the Folkestone bus to come in. I explained i needed to get home to collect my 4 year old from school. I was told that there was nothing they could do and i had to catch the next one! i had even explained that the bus was only around the corner from the bus stop, but i was told there was no way she could contact Dover bus station - what a load of crock!! are you telling me that there is no contact at all between the bus company and the bus station in Dover??

I was close to tears as i asked again for them to hold the bus, but she had a patronising voice and a fake helpful voice, the kind you put on when you work with the public. You over exaggerate your politeness.

I phoned the school who told me not to worry and that they would keep her safe, but as its a nursery, i know have to pay extra for them keeping her. They said they would explain that mummys bus was late. So as the school were keeping her safe, all visions disappeared of her walking the streets alone or waiting for mummy and wondering why she wasn't going home with the other children.
Tilly and her school bag :)

My bus went so slowly on the route that it was actually over taken by the bus that left Folkestone after it!

Its the first real problem i had with the commuting since i started work in Folkestone, but although i felt like a crap parent at the time, and i was close to tears as nobody seemed to care how important it was for me to get to the nursery on time. I feel slightly let down by stagecoach yesterday for making me feel like i let my daughter down. I got into dover and  had missed the bus by 2 minutes, but a nice lady saw me and helped me to get the next bus times so although i was late collecting my baby, it was only 15 minutes.

Today is another day and woe betide anyone who tells me they wont help again when i am trying to get home to my little girl!

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