Monday, 9 June 2014

M & M Store London

As it got towards the end of our day in London today, we went to the M&M store in Leicester Square.

We had a look around and there were so many amazing things to do, but the one that was the best
was personalising your own M&Ms, i mean just how cool is that? If you have a party coming up, a wedding or you just want to tell someone you love them, then this is ideal for you. It all comes together in five easy steps

Choose your design or personalisation on the computer, then pop over and pay for your pot that you want them to go into and pay for the quantity, then you choose the colours.

 Scan your ticket, pop you M&Ms into the machine and it personalises them for you. The cup you have chosen, catches them as they come out and below is the finished results

 Tilly says this man is her dad

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