Tuesday, 3 June 2014

No Longer a Costco Virgin

My cousin introduced me to Costco, its a shame its so far away from home because although  some of the items are cheaper to buy from the supermarket on special offers, i did find some really cheap offers.

Unfortunately i couldn't manage to get anything home.

 A dream come true :)

 This must be the biggest fridge in the world

 Tilly wanted this bear but it was actually twice the size of her and there was no way i was going to get it on the train home :/

This was what i wanted, but not enough money on the card *sigh* 

An absolutely massive birthday cake, twice the size of a normal cake in the supermarket and it only cost £9.99, ideal for big parties 
(trust me to find the cake!)

More cake! 

This was also on Tillys wish list - definitely not getting this on the train!

I was impressed that you could buy loads from Costco, its ideal if your working full time and its difficult to get to the shops very often (i find this, i havent been in my local supermarket for a month or two, due to working out of town)
I would give it a go, its £25 to get a membership as long as you have a business but sadly there isnt one near me in kent

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