Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Once upon a time when we read our kids books ......

i know i am classed as an 'older' mum this time round. although i hate the title but i was 37 when i had Tilly Tilda. I was 19 when i had Kimmy, 21 when i had Zach and 22 when i had Bethany, so i was classed as a younger mum then.

When they were little i made sure they had loads of books around them and when they went to bed they would take a pile to bed to read them before falling asleep. They would take books on holiday, on a bus ride etc etc. I would buy books from jumble sales and look for special offers to buy books that i would put away for christmas. 

My older kids were bought up on old fashion stories and fairy tales, the kind of thing we were bought up on. The nursery rhymes were the old school ones like incy wincy spider and baa baa black sheep. Can you imagine how much of a shock it was when i had tilly many years later and find out these nursery rhymes dont get sung anymore and that there is a whole new range of nursery rhymes.

But can you imagine the shock that hit me when i trying to tell someone i was dressing up for a night out as the emporer from 'the emporers new clothes' and the other person said she had never heard of the story and that if it wasnt a disney movie then her and her child wouldnt know it! so i guess that is the routine we have fallen into, its easier to plonk your child in front of a dvd rather than read a book of traditional fairy tales to your child.

Yes we have Disney DVDs and its easier to put a DVD on at bed time for Tilly to go to sleep, but what about all the other stories you could be enlightening your child's life with. 

In this day and age unfortunately people don't buy enough books for their children, you see so many small independent book shops closing due to the lack of sales. its sad that this innocence and help of imagination seems to have disappeared. Even if you have a tablet you can put traditional fairy tales on there as i know its easier to store books in one place rather than carry a dozen books around.

Tilly often asks me to make stories up in my head and she pictures the characters herself and it helps her imagination so much. 

lets keep the traditional fairy tales going and not leave it to Disney to make it into a movie, glamourise it and then plonk our child in front of it. 

my tablet full of traditional fairy tales that can be read by the tablet or read by the child and mother.

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