Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rhino shield - Impact Protection Review ...... Amazing!

Kim has a brand new Iphone 4s, and as it isn't on contract anymore then she has no insurance on it either. We all like to have expensive phones, but lets face it we all choose the best expensive one that we can afford. And we just hope that it doesn't get smashed. Whilst at Chessington the other day, Tilly grabbed something out of my hand, making me drop kims iphone.
We all know that the Iphone 4s is made of glass and we both had our hearts in our mouths hoping it hadn't smashed - we were lucky that time but it made me ensure we got some kind of impact protection on it.

When i was approached to try out the Rhino Shield, i was a bit sceptical that it would work. I saw the youtube videos and they were based in labs, so i was still sceptical untill i received a pack to try it myself.

The Impact Test

I received a parcel and was asked to participate in the experiment and i must admit, i was intrigued as to whether it worked or not. We placed the rhino shield on the glass and dropped the 45g steel ball bearing a few times from different heights, the glass remained intact the whole time.

After the experiment we decided to Add the Rhino Shield to Kim's Phone, it was so easy to do. First you need to use the wipe to wipe any dirt or fingerprints on the phone, then use the dust removal sticker, to remove any dust from the screen

Then remove the backing plastic from the Rhino Shield, it is easy as there is a sticker saying 'back', then attach this to the screen of the phone, you can do it either by starting in one corner and sweep it across the screen or you can apply it in the middle and squeeze it out at both the ends of the phone.

Then remove the front plastic covering, and your ready to use the squeegees card to get rid of all the bubbles

The finished result will look like this, and it doesnt affect the use of the touch screen, you can stil use your apps and it looks like there is nothing on the phone.

Here is a tutorial on how to apply it to your phone

Rhino Shield is available on Amazon and it is available on all kinds of technology, i mean how many of us let our kids use our Ipads or iphones? get one of these and be safe.

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