Wednesday, 4 June 2014

#Staycation Number 1 - The London Bridge Experience Family ticket Giveaway

As part of my staycation summer, i have been looking on days out that you can take children too. I like to explore places that people really wouldn't expect to take children to. one of these places that we have been to is The London Bridge Experience.

I had always thought it was too scary to go to, but i was given some tickets and thought i had nothing to lose, so i went along with Tilly in tow.

Now she is only 4 years old, but she also knows that it is only pretend and if she wants to leave then we will. I checked out the website and it offered a Guardian Angel tour for the under 11s (and scared adults - i guess) so off we went on our little trip to London.

We had to queue for a little while, but we didn't mind as there was an actor to chat to us and offer a map, so we could see what we should expect. After about 20 minutes we were in and waiting for the tour to start, we entered a room that had a model of The London Bridge and it is scary to think how many houses were built in such close space, and how fragile they were. No wonder they kept catching fire.

After this we went down an abandoned train tunnel, and it sounds like a train is coming towards you. We were taken into a room the boudicca came and talked to us, told a bit about the history and her battles. The actress was so good, and the make up is amazing. She interacted with Tilly, which she thought was funny and it kind of made her feel special. We followed the experience round until it came to the tombs, where we knew we would need to implement the Guardian Angel part of the tour.

Now this is where i feel it gets really family friendly - You get taken by a member of staff and with us we had a one to one with a member of staff. Tilly was given a lantern to hold, so it wasn't so dark and we were taken around the tombs. We were doing the exact same thing as the other group, but we were whisked round before all the actors got into place to participate in the show for the other group. So the little ones do not see anything scary at all apart from blood here and there (but the man told Tilly it was ketchup). We got through and it was the end of the tour, but i was secretly happy that we hadn't done the tombs with the other group as i could hear plenty of screams as i was waiting in the shop. A few people even came out looking rather pale!

The London Bridge Experience is full of 2000 years of horrible history and lets face it we all love a bit of gruesome! you learn about vikings, Boudicca, romans, The torture of olden times, including the torture of William Wallace. You get to see the streets of london from hundreds of years ago and get caught up in the Great Fire Of London, so you have to run for your life.

The London Bridge Experience can be found at:
London Bridge Experience Customer Services
2 - 4 Tooley Street
London Bridge
London SE1 2SY
Tel: 0800 0434 666
and opening times are:

How much does a ticket on the door cost?
Adult - £24.00
Child - £18.00
Student - £22.00
Family - £78.00

You can book online and save a few ££s too.

The London Bridge Experience can be found here too:

You cant photos with a flash in the experience, so there are no photos to accompany this post, but i wouldn't want to spoil your fun anyway xx

so here is the best part!

I have a family ticket for 4 people worth £78, to experience the London Bridge Experience and Tombs, all you have to do is enter the rafflecoptor below.

This is open to UK only and only over 18s can claim the prize.
Good luck

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