Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Summer #Staycation 5 ...... Cont'd...... #getupandgo With Travelodge

There is nothing quite like the feeling of clean sheets on a bed, and that is exactly how it felt to climb into the bed last night. The mattress was firm and i feel both these factors contributed to an amazing night sleep.
We didnt even get woken up by party revellers in the night. So we woke up, feeling refreshed and ready to #getupandgo.

After taking a shower we headed downstairs to breakfast, but first we took in the amazing sight over the roof tops of London.

The breakfast was on the ground floor, and we had to hand over our breakfast voucher that is paid extra on top of a travelodge room. The cost as i write my blog post is £7.95 and is an unlimited buffet breakfast ranging from a good old fry up to fruit and yoghurt. There is also fresh juices and hot drinks too. The only thing we found was that there was no real vegetarian option on the fry up unless Kimmy just had scrambled eggs, tomato and beans But we hadnt made the restaurant aware that we had a vegetarian with us untill we ate breakfast. This wasnt a problem and she just at the items available.

When we had filled our bellies, we popped back up to our hotel room to finish packing our bag as we had a busy day again ahead of us. It was when i was in the room that Tilly decided to do something so naughty that i thought i was going to have a mini heart attack! She pulled her pushchair over to the window and stood on it to try and lean out, but as you can see by my photo, there was no way she was going to manage to open the window. It was securely locked in place with window locks, so if your placed in a room on a higher floor, then you really dont need to worry as all safety precautions are put in place.

We were almost sad to leave the hotel, we found all the staff welcoming and the atmosphere was so warm. The hotel had been packed out with 1D fans and their families and party revellers, yet it remained quiet and calming. The members of staff welcomed children and some of them went out of their way to actively have conversations with them too - making them feel special
 Reception area

We hopped on a bus to Waterloo as we were on our way to Chessington for the day. We do like taking the bus and often choose this option over the tube if the journey is a small one, because you see more of the sights and scenery.

Within half an hour of jumping on the train we were at chessington and ready for some action packed fun. Tilly has grown now and is now able to go on more rides, so off she went on the bigger rides with Kimmy! My little girl has become an adrenalin junkie! It was so nice to be able to get to Chessington so quickly as it normally takes us 3 and half hours to get there.

On the way back we stopped at Clapham common and took a walk to enjoy some of the atmosphere of londoners on a weekend, and it was so easy after a small stroll to get back on the tube line back to Waterloo

We had to make our way back into the city centre and onto RIB Voyages river cruises, this was no ordinary cruise! It was a speed boat experience down the Thames, Was i nervous about Taking a 4 year old on such a ride? yes but she loved every moment of it! She thrives on thrill seeking adventure.

I would like to thank Travelodge for the opportunity of the #getupandgo challenge, We managed to squeeze in a variety of free things to do and also some luxury things to do, hopefully there is something for all families. For other free things to do, that are accessible from Covent Garden are Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, The Imperial War Museum (closed untill july), Hyde Park or Green Park, Window shopping in Regent street and especially Hamleys to play with the toys. You can Visit the many floors of Harrods and You also have the British Museum. You can also spend hours on Southbank watching the street entertainers. For more ideas of places to go where there is an admission charge, you will find a selection of leaflets on the ground floor to help you make a choice.

On our way home to St Pancras we saw this poster in the tube - kinda sums up our weekend!

You can book your own room with travelodge at

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