Monday, 16 June 2014

Summer #Staycation 8, A Visit To Deal Castle

We are probably like most people that have children, we never visit the things close to us or make the most out of the local town places of interest and museums etc. So on Saturday we decided to visit the castle close to us.

When i say Castle - Tillys says princess, so off she went to pop her princess dress on and we went on our merry way. Deal Castle is easy to find on Marine Road, Deal CT14 7BA
The price to get in is minimal and affordable and if your looking for somewhere to go for a picnic and spend an afternoon in the summer, then this is your place.
Members  Free
Adult £5.20
Child £3.10
Concession £4.70
Family £13.50

Castle History

Deal Castle was built in 1539 along with Sandown and Walmer Castles, They took a year to build and Deal Castle was the biggest Device Fort built by Henry VIII. It had the Captain of Deal who oversaw the running of all three castles. The French and the Spanish did not attack while Henry was on the throne.
The castles saw action during the civil war in 1648. The royalists took them and tried to take Dover Castle but failed, fell back to the three castles and were under bitter siege for 5 month. Walmer Castle was captured but Deal and Sandown held out until the end.
Come the 18th century the castles had stopped being used as fortresses and so the Captain turned Deal Castle into an estate and the same was done to Walmer by the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. 
Because Deal is larger the Captain built a separate house on the side of the Keep.

In 1940 the house was hit by German bombing and destroyed. The castle withstood the blast easily. After the war English Heritage, who had been looking after the conservation since 1904, and the Captain of Deal decided that as Deal Castle was the best example of a 16th century Device fort in its original build, still intact, they would keep it that way and not rebuild the estate.

Although a lot of people think the castle is built in the shape of the Tudor Rose, it actually wasn't, it was built this way for defense. The Tudor Rose has 5 petals, the Castle has 6 'petal shapes' so it is easy to mistake this. 

What Did Tilly think? 

Tilly was excited at the thought of going to a castle, everything from crossing the drawbridge and seeing the moat to exploring the castle and checking out all the hidey holes was an adventure for her. She had fun running around and exploring up and down stairs. First she walked around the outside of the castle and looked at the cannons, then she went into the keep and had a look round, asking me what all of the signs and information stands said, she was more interested in this type of castle than i thought she would be. I think she went in expecting a castle with royalty but came out knowing what the real use of the castle was all about.

On the way out, there is a shop where you can buy some souvenirs. All  money spent in the English Heritage shops is put straight back into the properties. Lots of the things in the shop are pocket money toys and can be bought for a few ££££'s. Tilly chose a princess hat for £4.00, but there are so many different things to choose.

To contact the Castle for opening times or any other queries please call

01304 372762 and speak to one of the English Heritage members of staff who will be more than willing to help you.

Details can also be found here It takes about an hour to walk around the castle, but it really is as long as you make it, we could of spent longer there! 

There is also a car park right next to the castle so there is no parking problems and also bus stops just outside the castle entrance, on both sides of the roads

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