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Summer #Staycation number 4 - Ripleys Believe It or Not London

Those of you that read my blog regularly will know that Little Miss Tilly likes and adventure and can often be found at some kind of Attraction and the weirder or scarier the better for her.
So as we had been asked by Travelodge to review their hotel in Covent Garden, we had a good look around at the attractions in The local Area.

We had been to Ripleys in New York before and also Ripleys in London, So we knew what to expect, but we had never done it with a small child.

So off we went to Ripleys, And as soon as Tilly saw the giant statue outside the building she was,
mesmerised! We decided to go after 5pm, as the attraction is open until midnight, meaning we could get other places seen in the day, that had time restrictive openings and we loved the fact this attraction stayed open so late. Also the queue to get in was much smaller and there was quite a good money saving if you go later in the day.
pretending to fall down the bottomless lift

We took the lift up to the top floor (the lift itself even looks like it has no bottom, and that your falling down) and worked our way down, Tilly was mesmerised the whole time with the different 'oddities' to see and she understood all of it, She even asked if she could have a sheep with two heads! She loved the dinosaur on the top floor.

There is a Graffiti wall that Uses a computer and you choose your colour by clicking the option on the screen with your spray can and you then keep your finger on the spray nozzle whilst you write. Tilly insisted on writing her full name 'Matilda' and she ran out of time, so the member of staff reset the timer for her 3 times so she could finish it. i loved this, it showed such patience for the little ones and of course as we had gone later in the evening it wasn't too busy. Try the interactive graffiti wall here, but its 10 times better in real life!

We carried on working our way down and came across the dungeons part of the tour, Now we were informed that there was a dungeons part that might not be suitable for young children and there is another route for you to take, this was well signed but as tilly had run off into this section herself, we decided that she was obviously quite happy to go through. We did see another family take the option of the other route and a member of staff was quite happy to show the the alternative route.

Before long we found ourselves in the maze of mirrors, we got given a pair of plastic gloves to wear, so we didnt leave marks on the mirrors and off we went, you have to walk with you hands out in front of you so you dont walk into a mirror and because there are no finger marks on the mirrors, you really cant tell what is a mirror and what isnt. We had to keep reminding Tilly to walk with her hands up, so that she didnt walk into a mirror.
After we giggled our way out of the mirror maze we went through the black hole and the rotating vortex makes you think that the whole walkway is spinning and there is a photo opportunity too here, this was the favourite part of Tillys day in London, she walked backwards and forwards about 6 times - my child is fearless! As we took the lift down stairs, we came out onto the shop where you can but your own curiosity to take home and there are steps leading to the impossible laser race, This was something i had seen on tv, and always wanted to do. As we watched the people on the TV screen, we just new we would epically fail as we had Tilly on our side, but then we equally knew that we could blame Tilly if we made mistakes (hehe). You can choose your level from easy to expert and of course we opted for the easy option

I would definitely bring Tilly again to this and i love the fact that they offer Birthday party packages that cost just a few pounds more than a normal ticket and the child is given a double chocolate birthday cake and a copy of the latest annual. You are walked around Ripleys with a dedicated tour guide and to get the maximum impact for your birthday - you all wear a party hat. This is something i would definitely look into doing in the future!

To help you make the most of your visit, here are some tips and details about Ripleys

Ripleys, London is found at 1 Piccadilly Circus, and is easily reachable by tube or bus. It has over 700 curiosities over 6 floors (it is wheelchair accessible and you can take pushchairs into the Attraction.)

It is open 365 days of the year and is even open on Christmas day, The ticket prices are as follows, but you get a discount if you book online

Standard Tickets
New Adult Ultimat Explorer (admission for the over 16's)£26.95
New Child Ultimate Explorer (Admission for 4 -15's)£19.95
New Family Ultimate Explorer (Admission for two adults and two children)£79.95
New Seniors Ultimate Explorer (Proof of entitlement must be shown)£24.95
New Student Ultimate Explorer (Proof of entitlement must be shown)£24.95

You can opt to go for Fast track tickets
New Adult - Ultimate Explorer (admission for the over 16's) Fast Track£29.95
New Child - Ultimate Explorer (4 -15yrs) Fast Track£22.95  
New Family - Ultimate Explorer (Admission for two adults and two children) Fast Track£91.95
New Seniors - Ultimate Explorer (Proof of entitlement must be shown) Fast Track£27.95  
New Student - Ultimate Explorer (Proof of entitlement must be shown) Fast Track£27.95 

After 5.00pm 
Evening Saver Ticket Adult £16.95
Evening Saver Ticket Child £16.95
Evening Saver Ticket Students and Seniors £16.95

You can find Ripleys online at
And they can be contacted by phone too 44 (0) 20 3238 0022

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