Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Staycation number 9 - Platform 9 3/4

We arrived in london and we had to go to Kings cross as there was something we needed to do in the area, and as all 4 year olds do - Tilly decided she needed the loo there and then, so we headed
in the right direction and we come across a bunch of people in a queue, so nosy as i am i went to see what all the commotion was and OMG! there was platform 9 3/4! I have been to Kings Cross so many times over the years and never seen this.

We waited patiently in the queue and an hour later we found ourselves at the front. Tilly was in fits of giggles as she has seen Harry Potter and she wanted to have her photo taken. They have props and you can wear a scarf of whatever house you choose and you have a choice of a variety of wands to hold. The atmosphere was great and the staff friendly. I must just point out that this isnt just for kids - infact we went on a busy saturday morning and Tilly was the only child waiting to have a go.

After wards you have the option of the Harry Potter shop too, where you can buy souvenirs, Although we only bought a train ticket (Tillys obsession is train tickets)

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