Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The commute to work

Commuting to work

Although i love my job and the only time i ever seem to get to myself is on the commute to work, but these days the commute to work on the 15A bus is taken up by working on the blog - playing catch up.

So here i sit with my smart phone on or my laptop open writing as i go, but it is anything but an idyllic setting to be writing in.

have the school kids shouting and swearing, totally oblivious to the fact that i phone the school in front of them and complain. They also need a seat each as they couldn't possibly sit together at the same part of the bus, because then they couldn't shout across the bus at each other.

Then there is the lady who sits behind me, gets out her phone and starts to talk, well actually shout down her phone so everyone knows her family problems, the fact she is airing her dirty laundry in front of 2 dozen people isnt going to impress anyone. I just really want to turn round and say (‘will you shut up, i have a headache!). how can anyone really talk for half an hour on a phone on the bus about the same subject? i feel like i know her whole family.

There is the back seat taken up by people going to sign on, they are discussing what they are going to spend this weeks money on, talking about going for a beer later. If only i could afford to go for a beer on my wages! instead my money goes on my daughter.

The old people sitting forward afraid of the school kids, afraid to ask them to be quiet or behave themselves for fear of back lash. I can see their nails digging in the handle bar of the seat. As they get off they praise the driver for his patience.

We have the older teenagers on the bus, bragging about the crimes they committed and how they never get caught because there is no room in the prisons and they will commit as many crimes as they can before they turn 18.

Oh my days the lady on the phone is still going - now she is talking about doing a maths course, but she will have to come to dover to do it. She doesnt want to come to dover everyday - WTF i go to Folkestone every week day on the bus to work!

oh i wish she would be quiet, doesnt she know i have a headache?

The bloke cross the aisle gives me a sympathetic smile, i really want to turn around and ask her to be quiet but i dont want to make a fool of myself and seem like a nagging woman

The sign on people are all chatting about football on the back seat and drinking redbull, proud of the fact they only looked for 3 jobs in the past week, totally oblivious to the whole phone conversation going on! they just want to go and sign on so they can get home to the beer and xbox.

The lady sitting in front of me starts talking to me, but she doesnt talk, she shouts, OMFG! I HAVE A HEADACHE! i close my eyes and pretend to go to sleep, but she still talks to me. I grunt as she talks and talks before completely ignoring her.

STILL the lady behind me chats down the phone about her awful childhood and the broken arm she had when her mum used to make her do the house work.

At last i see Dover town centre, I change buses here and i have never been so glad to get off a bus! here i change for the 101/102 - now thats another experience altogether!

…………….. I really need to learn to drive!

Disclaimer** This is a few days of bus journeys put into one blog and it is not about anyone in particular, but living in a small town - people assume its about them :)

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