Thursday, 26 June 2014

The leaping Bunny Symbol

The Leaping Bunny Symbol

Superdrug are very proud of the fact that all their products carry the leaping bunny symbol from Cruelty-Free I ternational. It means that it is gartrenteeed that none of it products are tested on animals. This has been Superdrugs philosophy for many years now.

The Leaping Bunny Symbol is the only global certification programme for companies like Superdrug to show they are working towards a cruelty free future.

If you see the Leaping Bunny Symbol you will know that the company has made a declaration that they will ensure their supply chain is cruelty free, so basically the company cannot test on animals and neither can anyone who supplies the products to the company.

There is actually now a Europe wide ban on testing cosmetics on animals and also a ban on importing animal-tested products.

Sadly though there are still a lot of products on shop shelves that claim to be animal cruelty free, when in fact it just means the finished product isnt tested on animals, but the ingredients of the product may be. So to be sure always look for the Leaping Bunny Symbol and have confidence in a company that uses it.

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