Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Rug Doctor Blogging Event

Yesterday we were so lucky to have been invited to Rug Doctors Blogging Event in London, so what made me so excited about going to this event at Shoreditch Town Hall? The fact we could take our children if we wanted to! I have attended a few blogging events and press days for the Blog,
but this is the first family friendly that you could take your children to if you wanted. Most bloggers i know are parents, and The Rug Doctor knew that as they are promoting a household product, where children are very much part of (lets face it - without kids we would have perfect carpets) then they would get them involved in the day.

The Rug Doctor is an American company originally, was set up 42 years ago, i found myself thinking this was actually an old and well established firm that has been around for a long time, then i remembered i am 42 as well! now i feel old and like i have been around for many years.  Rug Doctor has been in UK for a few  years now, Even i have used a Rug Doctor. It is simple to hire, they can be found in places like Asda, Johnsons Cleaners (where i hired mine from), Tesco, and many more outlets, pop over to to find a store near you. You can normally hire one for less that £50 with shampoo.

Now i am going to show you some pictures of how clean the Rug Doctor Bought up some carpets but i really dont think they do it justice, its one of those things that you don't believe until you actually see it. We we hired a Rug Doctor in the past, I was embarrassed at the amount of dirty water in the machine as i was doing it, I even said to the kids 'Don't tell anyone how dirty these carpets are' But after yesterdays events and seeing how powerful the machines are again, i now understand that it actually NORMAL for that amount of dirt to come out of the carpet.
The carpet before the Rug Doctor does its Magic, Looks clean enough doesn't it? This has spilled coke and soil rubbed into it (coke is one of the biggest things spilled on a carpet)
Off goes the Rug Doctor to clean the carpet. You walk backwards with the machine.
Shocking results already and its only just started!
Just look at the difference! what seemed to be a clean carpet was actually hiding a lot of dirt. over time you don't really notice how dirty a carpet is looking and we all thing that if we hoover, it is getting cleaned, when it really isn't.

Recently Rug Doctor Did a survey and they got some shocking results

How clean do you think you are?

74% of us think our homes are fairly clean
42% of us don’t have time to do a thorough cleaning job
32% of us do the minimum required and are happy as long as it looks good
23% only clean when absolutely necessary
44% of us have never deep cleaned our carpets
33% vacuum only once a week
35% clean their kitchen floor at least once a week
44% clean the bathroom floor once a week
25% of people remove their shoes when entering a home
53% never ask guests to remove their footwear

How clean is your carpet?

51% of us admit they would still eat food if they dropped it on their own carpet
76% of us say if they dropped food on a friend’s carpet they wouldn’t

Did you know?

28% of the UK’s population has had a pet be sick on the flooring
24% have had a pet leave their mess on the flooring
30% have had a baby or someone else be sick on their carpet
22% admit to having had sex on the floor

Whilst we were there we also had our shoes swabbed by micro biologists, to find out the amount of dirt and bacteria on our shoes. We are treading this into the carpets and letting the children then play on the carpets - So i dread to think what Tilly plays in on the floor! We should get the results in a few weeks.

We also got to see the range of Trigger sprays that Rug Doctor has to offer, At the moment these are available on the Rug Doctor stand but very soon some of them will be available on the shelves of the supermarket, where you usually find your cleaning product.

Look out for a couple more posts from Rug Doctor over the next few days.

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