Monday, 30 June 2014

Tunki Tote Bag and Tilly

Recently when we travelled to Norway to see my son, we took Tillys Trunki full of english goodies for him to eat, our post is Here . A few weeks later we saw
 Trunki were running a competition for 101 different uses of a Trunki, so we added our picture to the pinterest 101wall. ours is number 44. We were excited to receive an email to say that we have been chosen as a winner and that we should expect a surprise in the post. They asked us a few questions and matched tilly with the perfect prize.

A few days later, we received the prize and it was a tote bag - from the moment she saw it, she loved it. The princess backpack got discarded and her asthma pump and raincoat was moved over to her trunki bag.

It has a strap to wear it over her shoulder, making it really comfortable to wear and it actually takes quite alot of weight in the bag (we found this out recently when we had to put alot in the bag.) Everyone comments on how cool the bag is and even when we went on a Speedboat trip on the Thames, the man who was our tour guide took a liking to the bag and modeled it himself
The Bag is used to go to school with all her things, although the giant dragon is hiding it a bit  lot

More recently Tilly joined me on a press event in London, she was so proud to be coming to work with mummy and of course 'trunki bag' had to come too.

I am sure many more adventures await the 'trunki bag', i cant wait until we go away again as it fits in the Trunki as an extra compartment and you can also pop it onto the back of a car seat in the car, so the children have their things at reach but for now i am just off to pack it ready for school tomorrow

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