Saturday, 12 July 2014

2 Press Events And 1 Child In Tow!

Ever since the Rug Doctor Event, Tilly has been asking when she can come to work with mummy again, So on thursday we went off early and took the highspeed from home to London
To attend the Amazon Super Summer event. When we were looking for the venue, we saw the most amazing sight! Right next to Kings Cross station was a gigantic bird cage with a swing in the middle and of course Tilly had to have a go!

When we arrived at the venue, we were surrounded with Disney princesses, cake and bucks fizz. It was great to meet some new mummy bloggers and their children.

After the event we hopped on a train to farnborough to kill a few hours and most importantly Drop off all the wedding stationary that we had received from Vistaprint for My cousins wedding in November. Tilly had chance to play with her cousin John whilst i had a chat with Nanny Jan and Kerry. Unfortunately we were literally there for only an hour and a half before we had to hop back on the fast train to London. but it was still worth a visit :)

By this time Miss Tilly was filthy, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a wet wipe and a clean dress. I am a great believer that it doesn't matter how dirty a kid gets when your out, as its a sign that they had a good day! But as she was going to another press event, i thought she better get cleaned up. Normally when we go on a blogging assignment/Press event together she wears a dress that i got from Avon, it is reversible, so if it gets dirty on one side, you simply turn it inside out and wear it the other side instead. But today she had succeeded in making both sides filthy!

When we arrived back at waterloo we took the tube to piccadilly and a young man got on with his skateboard, of course since the visit to the skate park last week, Tilly is all about Skateboarding, so she told this random stranger all about her skateboard and how she uses it. Bless the young man for listening with such enthusiasm and having to put up with seeing Tillys photos of her skateboard. When we got off they both high fived each other and waved. It really doesnt take much to make this child happy and content. Normally on the tube, everyone looks so miserable pre occupied and they keep themselves to themselves, i actually think it made his day too.

We arrived at the #bigbusLDN event in plenty of time and Tilly insisted we go and do the Laser quest where you have to go into a room and climb over lasers or crawl underneath them. Everytime you break a laser and alarm goes off. We only managed to break 7 lasers this time, last time it was 15, so we are getting better ha ha.
Soon it was time to go up to Ripleys, where the Event was starting. We joined a group of other bloggers on the 5th floor and and met some new ones too. While we waited, Tilly kept on and on (like kids do!) about going to 'the thing that you put your head in' - now we were in Ripleys, I had no idea what she was talking about. We were surrounded by oddities and she could of been talking about anything. Finally as we walked round she found what she wanted, it was a mirrored table that you pop you head in and it looks like you have no legs!

We made our way to the private room where we enjoyed a glass of wine or 3, and met with PR contacts and members of staff from the companies involved in the event. Loads of people kept calling Tilly by her first name, she asked how they knew it and they just said they knew all about her. It must be strange for her to know that people know her, but not understand the concept of how viral my blog can go.

At 7pm we made our way down to a Big Bus tour bus and boarded, we sat right at the front on top, so Tilly could be the driver, but next time i looked down at her she crashed out in her seat. We had a mini tour of london with a great commentator and after an hour, we had to get off and make our way back to St Pancras to get a train home. It was a very long day for both of us, but very productive :)

Tilly is a very lucky girl and gets lots of opportunities that others don't get, She enjoys coming on these days out too.

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