Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Visit To Big School

So tonight we visited Tillys new school, it was nice to be able to meet the staff and a few of them even remembered us from the older kids being there about 10 years ago. I didn't really know what to expect as i am so out of practice with the whole school thing, but We entered the hall and we were directed to the appropriate teacher who introduced herself and gave us loads of information and a book bag for Tilly. Inside her book bag she was over the moon with a copy of Green Eggs And Ham, which Kimmy read to her when we got home.

We also got a chance to trial the school dinners, which was handy as i had just come from work so i was hungry. I had thought about letting Tilly do school dinners but i had quickly dismissed the idea as i really cant afford them, but then when we were getting the talk we were told that all children are entitled to a free school dinner from September. this is such a relief, as i don't get home from work until 7pm sometimes and its too late for her to eat a meal.

There was also a second hand uniform table, i found this very helpful as i went to price up some uniform today and the cheapest i could see pinafores for was a fiver, but from the second hand stall i got her 3 pinafores, 2 skirts and a summer dress for £4.  In an ideal world i would love for Tilly to have a new uniform but i cant afford it and Although some people have grandparents and parents to buy uniforms, Tilly only has me. So needs must and all that. She does have loads of new blouses and polo shirts (good old Asda) so not much more to buy now thankfully. The biggest expense will be the shoes :/

After an hour of Tilly singing through the presentation, before pulling a home made belt up over her boobies and prancing around provocatively ( i seriously cant take her anywhere lol ), we were taken to the class rooms. The thing that struck me first was how big the classrooms were, there is so much space for them to enjoy, explore and learn in. Tilly went into the garden and i am sure she thought she was at some kind of holiday park as there was so much to do out there, it was painful trying to drag her away at the end of the evening!

Next week we have the staying session at school, where we go for an hour to see the school working. After tonights visit i do feel more hopeful and confident about sending her to school.

My baby is growing up!

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