Friday, 4 July 2014

Agent Provocateur - Fatale

Agent Provocateur - Fatale
Agent Provocateur has always understood the important pairing of a scent and seduction. The fragrances were first created over 10 years ago and today they are one of the best selling seductive yet classy brands. This fragrance is enticing, seductive and enigmatic with the irresistible signature personality. This fragrance absolutely oozes Femme Fatale and sexiness.

The fragrance is inspired by the ultimate of 1940s Hollywood Femme Fatales, it is mysterious and Seductive. This fragrance is also sensual and elegant for someone with a luxurious lifestyle.

It has top notes that are a striking blend of spicy pink pepper from Madagascar, added with succulent Mango nectar and Exotic Blackcurrant. This opens the fragrance with mystery! The heart notes seductivly contain Heavenly Velvet Gardenia, edged with elegant, Woody, Violet Scented Orris Absolute and smoky touches of Indonesian Patchouli. This will then take you to the base notes of sultry and sensual Skin Musk, Creamy Vanilla, irresistible Chocolate Gourmand and leathery Spanish Laddonum that deliver the long lasting aphrodisiac qualities to the fragrance.

So you can see all the exoticness that has gone into this fragrance, making it unique to other fragrances. Next time you pass a perfume counter, pick up the tester and give it a try.

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