Saturday, 19 July 2014

Amazon Kindle HDX - A Review of My New Toy :)

At the Recent Amazon Super Summer Event, i was given a Kindle Fire HDX. I am a bit of a technophobe but i found this quite easy to use.
When it comes to using the internet, one thing that is important to me is fast and powerful WIFI and as this tablet is HD, then the bandwidth is everything because this will stop getting the buffering that is so annoying when you watch videos.  Kindle Fire HDX solves this issue by using state-of-the-art dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi. With this you will find you have faster media streaming and you can move further away from wireless hotspots than with other tablets.

The Kindle has Improved Battery Life and offers 11 hours of reading, web surfing over the WIFI, video watching etc and i know this for a fact as i had been using it on and off for a day, then Tilly got hold of it and watched two Disney movies on it. Then we went on to listen to music and surf the web. Kindle Fire HDX powers down unused system components automatically, extending battery life to 17 hours.
Designed to Travel with You. As the Kindle Fire HDX is only 7", it pops into my handbag and is so easy to carry around all day. It is light, weighing only 303 grams.

You will get live Support with Mayday, so if you have a question about your kindle, you simply tap the Mayday app and an Amazon expert will either walk you through the problem your having or he/she can sort it out for you. Mayday is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year - its free to use and is completely live, you will see the tech adviser live online. Amazon have a goal to respond to your mayday call in 15 seconds or less.

The Kindle Fire HDX has the most amazing high resolution display and high pixel density for an incredible multimedia experience. the display has over 2 million pixels, meaning that you get a much better picture than normal HD and the images are so crisp and life like, it really makes a difference when your watching something. We noticed this when Tilly was watching Tangled this morning. Another thing we noticed was how great the sound was. There was no 'tinny' sound and it was very clear. The Kindle is designed on the back so that it is angled and the speakers are on an angle so if you lay your Kindle Fire HDX on the table or flat surface, you get no loss of sound or clarity. Another thing i noticed was that you get a perfect picture, what ever angle you hold the kindle at, so even if your laying in bed watching something, you can lay the Kindle down and you will still get a good picture.

I must admit that i thought Kindles were just for books, but to have this one in my hands now, i can see they do so much more. I cant wait to activate my amazon Prime to watch more programmes on there and download some for so they are permanently on the kindle as we travel alot and it would be perfect to have something for us to watch on our journeys

We look forward to many more hours of fun on our kindle :)

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