Monday, 14 July 2014

Amazon Super Summer Event In London

We are all familiar with Amazon being one of the worlds most popular places to make online purchases, but did you know they offer much more than that? No neither did I, until Tilly and I got a very special invitation.

On thursday we were so lucky to be invited to an Amazon Super Summer Event,  The main attraction of the event was the UK premiere of Annedroids – which is one of three original kids shows made by Amazon Studios for Amazon Prime Instant Video and released this summer on 25th July 2014. This programme will be available on Amazon Prime Instant Video.
when we first arrived at the venue we were greeted with a very loud Ipod playing songs from Frozen and it took about 20 seconds for Tilly to spot Snow white doing face painting and Prince Charming was making balloon animals. A glance in the other direction and tilly gasped as she saw Cinderella playing in a ball pit. This meant Tilly was occupied so i could go off to the other side of the room and chat to fellow bloggers and and i could listen to a talk by someone from Amazon Prime Instant Video about the exciting things they have on Amazon Prime. I never knew they showed kids programmes on Amazon Prime, In fact i never really knew what amazon Prime was until I went to this event.

The group was split and half went off to watch the premiere of Annedroid, and the second group stayed and played pass the parcel (which Tilly was lucky enough to win). It gave me chance to use a kindle as i had never picked one up before and had no idea how to use one. But after a quick lesson, i felt at ease with it.

Before too long it was our time to go into the viewing room and all the little kids sat in the front on bean bags with Cinderella, whilst the parents sat behind. We had the full cinema experience and the lights went dark, the programme started. As it started Tilly looked around for a bit of reassurance that i was still there, After a smile she got back to the programme and she stayed glued to it for the whole 23 minutes of the programme. You know what, i dont even think she even blinked in that whole time! Tilly like Tv and does watch alot of it at home for convenience really, to keep her occupied whilst i am busy and more often than not, she is using the laptop to watch something on a subscription channel. When the programme had finished she turned back to look at me and she asked if there was anymore, i told her there wasn't and all i got was 'why?' - so i think the programme was a hit!
Annedroid is based on a story of a young girl called Anne who builds androids and very cleverly, the makers of the programme have incorporated lots of aspects of science to the programme, so although Tilly just thought she was just watching a programme for fun, she was in fact learning a lot about science without even realising it. Annedroid is available from Amazon Prime Instant Video on 25th July 2014, ready for the summer holiday. It is exclusive to Amazon Prime and there are also other exclusive kiddies programmes exclusive to Amazon Prime Instant Video and i have more about them Here.

For just £79 a year Amazon Prime members get unlimited streaming of more than 15,000 popular movies and TV episodes through Amazon Prime Instant Video, one-day delivery on over 7 million items from Amazon and access to 500,000 Kindle books to borrow.
Customers who are not already members can start a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime by visiting Programmes can be downloaded onto your Kindle and watched on the go, so its ideal if you have to make a long journey or your child wakes early like Tilly and you want to keep them occupied whilst you doze in bed!

After a spot of lunch, Tilly was given some clay and asked to recreate a character from one of the programmes she had watched today. She chose an android from Annedroid, she did it very well and here was the result :)
As we left we were so unbelievably lucky to be given a goodie bag containing a Kindle Fire HDX,, this is a challenge for me as I am a bit of a technophobe and it took me 5 years to get used to using Kim's Iphone. So more on the Kindle at a later date :) Tilly also received a goodie bag full of princess goodies. we had an amazing family day at the Amazon Super Summer event and we will be here to let you know what to expect this summer from Amazon.

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