Friday, 25 July 2014

Annedroids - A New Programme To Keep The Kids Occupied For Summer

Released Today on Amazon Instant Video

Check out this new kids programme, released today and in time for the summer holidays, a new educational (although the kids get so into the programme that they dont notice that they are learning from it!) programme that incorporates science. Tilly loves it and is watching it as i sit to write this blog post! Its about a young boy Nick who moves to a new neighbourhood and meets Shania,
together they get up to the usual antics of children and discover a secret place of robots and soon discover Anne who makes robots and they help her to get an android come to life, with the help of science. Tilly is glued to this programme and has been waiting weeks since she attended the UK premiere showing, The show is for children 4 to 7, which is perfect and Tilly sits glued to the programme.

Annedroids (for children ages 4 to 7 years)Premiering on July 25, Annedroids is about a young scientist. Created by Emmy-nominated JJ Johnson (Dino Dan) and Sinking Ship Entertainment, and aimed at children aged four through seven, Annedroids is a live-action adventure series about a young female genius, her human friends, android assistants and the amazing scientific discoveries they make while undertaking the biggest experiment of them all: growing up. Addison Holley (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) stars as “Anne,” Adrianna Di Liello (Stage Fright) plays her friend “Shania,” and Jadiel Dowlin plays “Nick.”

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