Saturday, 26 July 2014

Another Adventure in London

Going to London for blogging has become a weekly thing for us, We dont mind at all as it means we get to meet up with some other great bloggers and get a day out too. I think its important too that Tilly comes along as she gets involved and see's what mummy does with her blog. She calls it 'Going to work with mummy' - i call it' a long day with a stubborn 4 year old' ha ha.

Yesterday we took the train to london and attended the Hobbycraft Christmas and halloween Press Event at Homemade London, a quaint little shop just off from Marble Arch. So we got off the train and its quite scary that Tilly knows how to navigate the London Underground System, she knows that if you tell her you want to go on the brown line (bakerloo) she will follow the signs and find it on the tube map, when we get off the tube, she will know how to get off the platform and can follow the directions to another tube line or the exit. She knows how to count the stops on the train and when we need to get off. Maybe this is normal for a 4 year old, but to me it makes me feel confident that she will be able to find help if she gets separated from me. Anyway we got on a packed tube train and as always the tube is busy and not one person got up and offered my child a seat! instead they sat back and watched hr stumble about on the train! now that is ignorance for you *sigh*

We went to the Hobbycraft Event and there will be more about this nearer christmas but I must say Tilly loved it. At home she has a thing for Duct tape and if she finds a roll, she will wrap things up in it and i am always undoing things! So to her great delight there was a lucky dip and she 'won' some duct tape. Luckily later on we were shown how to make bows from Duct tape, so hopefully she will now use it for the purpose it is intended.
I feel we will be making bows for peoples xmas gifts!
There were lots of other things to do too, like decorating cake pops (which she promptly ate) and learning how to make loom bracelets as well as pompoms. We were given a gift to wrap for xmas, so thats my first xmas gift done!

When we had finished we decided to go to Madame Tussards, our Merlin passes run out in 2 weeks and we decided not to re new them this year, so i am making the most of them! Tilly loves 'Madame Saurds' as she calls it and couldnt wait to have her pics take with all the celebs and have her photo taken. 

We had a lovely day and i had one tired little girl to take home!

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