Tuesday, 15 July 2014

#BigBusLDN Event

When we heard about the #BigBusLDN event happening in London on Thursday night, i thought that would fit right in with my #staycation Posts.

So off we went to Ripleys, Believe it or Not London to meet up with other bloggers and the PR from the companies involved in the event. We were greeted at the door by the Management and given a special lanyard and directed to the fifth floor. The start of the Ripleys experience. We went to Ripleys a few weeks ago and we had a lovely experience and my previous post can be found here. We had a look around the fifth floor, Tilly was with me and she finds it extremely exciting in there.

It was nice to meet up with some other bloggers too, and before we knew it we were whisked off to a private bus for a tour of London, Our tour guide was Phil, and he was so comical and i must say, he knew his stuff about London! But more about Big Bus London on another post at a later date :). Our tour lasted an hour and we went round the main central London sights. I do like the open top buses, especially on a warm day. 

Then the bus took us straight back to Piccadilly where the event moved on to Planet Hollywood but as i had a little person with me, we had to give this a miss and get the train home. but a lovely evening was had by all and i look forward to booking tickets for the bus again soon. 

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